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  • Environmental Management System
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    Dongguan  Potec Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009, is a collection of wire and cable, cable components, electronic components, the row of plug-in product design and development and production, as well as control panel design and installation, OEM product management As one of the modern high-tech enterprises.

    Since the very beginning of its establishment, the company has made clear the development philosophy of "quality as the core" and has been devoted to developing and producing all kinds of high-end wire and cable, electrical accessory processing and electrical control cabinet products with the technical standards of electrical manufacturing and installation in Japan and Germany, Products quickly occupied the domestic and international high-end market.

    The company's main products are: wire and cable category (computer peripheral / home appliances around the connection cable / mobile phone peripheral connection cable); cable components; supermarket Elevators products, mobile games home appliances computer peripheral cable components, high-end machine tools and robot connection cable components, Various servo motor cable components; various equipment, electrical control cabinets, power distribution cabinets; Japanese specifications row extension and extension.

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